A+ Lunch Box Ideas

lunchboxNow that school is back in full swing and you’re starting to pack your child’s lunch everyday, your grocery list is beginning to look a lot like this..

  • Bread
  • Sandwich meat
  • Cheese
  • Chips and crackers
  • Juice boxes

Packing your kids lunch can get repetitive and sometimes, just plain boring. We know how easy it is to resort to potato chips, cookies and other processed snacks in order to keep the little ones happy. However, there are tons of ways to sneak healthy items into your child’s lunch box that will keep a smile on both their face and yours.

Sandwich-Kabobs-2-mark#1 Sandwich Kabobs

Turn your typical everyday sandwich into a colorful sandwich skewer! Use all of your child’s favorite sandwich components like bread, meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato but cut them into bite-size pieces and slide them onto a skewer. This is a great way to pack in the protein. If your kid likes fruit, sneak a fruit skewer in their lunch box!


2012-03-31-fun-shaped-party-foods-fruit-580w#2 Use Shapes and the Alphabet

Why not incorporate what they’re learning in class into their lunchbox? Buy a few cookie cutters in the form of shapes and letters. Use these on cheeses, fruits and sandwiches. Your little one will be excited to see what kind of fun is in their lunch box that day! Plus, it’s a great way to make sure your child is getting their fruits and veggies.


HomemadeStrawberryFruitRollupRecipeFifteenSpatulas#3 Pack a Tasty (but healthy) Treat

You’ll never hear the end of it if you don’t pack a tasty treat in your kid’s lunch box. But of course you don’t want to give them processed brownies and Twinkies. Well, why don’t you try making your own? This way you will know exactly what your little one is consuming. Here’s a recipe for a homemade fruit roll-up! http://www.fifteenspatulas.com/homemade-strawberry-fruit-rollups/

Try to incorporate these fun and easy ways to sneak healthy, yet delicious, foods into your child’s lunch box. I’m sure everyone will appreciate it in the long run!