Brecken Rupp.

We tell you time after time that Pilates can help you in everyday life. Things such as posture, balance, and endurance will all benefit from regular Pilates sessions. But would you believe us if we said it can also better your career? Let us prove it to you!

Our very own client, Brecken Rupp, is a 15 year old high school student who is quickly on her her way to becoming Charlotte’s most sought after model. She has already modeled for companies such as Belk, Porsche Designs, and Rooms-To-Go in the Charlotte area. Recently, Brecken was spotlighted in “The Face” Magazine over a stunning two-page spread.

Brecken’s article touches on topics such as her goals, lifestyle, diet, and workout habits. She expresses interests in a future career with Chanel and Victoria’s Secret. Her eating habits are rather simple she explains – no junk food. She sticks to natural ingredients that come right from the Earth. She relies on Pilates and Cycling to keep her in shape!

Take a look below at her beautiful photos from the “The Face” Magazine.


Brecken has been taking Pilates sessions for almost a year. She visits the studio regularly and is very committed to her practice. It was actually Brecken’s agency that suggested she give Pilates a try. They said the Reformer would help lengthen her neck for photos. Brecken and her team have seen a great difference in her photos since she added Pilates into her routine.

Regular Pilates sessions have been credited for helping find length in the body, strength in the core, and confidence from the inside out.

Brecken is a great example of how Pilates can benefit your everyday life. We are very proud of you, Brecken. Keep up the great work!