New Year. Better You.

We tend to walk into the new year with a very clear and transparent idea of the new person we want to be in the coming year. These ideals typically have measurable goals attached to them – pounds, inches, numbers, etc. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be physical goals, they can be mental too.

Our motto for 2018 is to Be Better.

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Be better. Okay, but at what? There are an infinite number of ways you can be better. Be kinder, to yourself and the people in your life. Be stronger, in all aspects of the word. Strength is mental and physical. Be more able by learning something new or honing your current skills. What else?

Be healthier

Be more compassionate

Be a better parent

Be a better spouse

Be a better leader

Be a better team member

Be more adaptable

Be more courageous

Be more confident

Be more open minded

What is something you could do better? Start small, maybe pick a couple things you want to improve on and do one of them each day. For example:

  • Be smarter: read a news article every morning about something that you don’t know much about.
  • Be a better friend: call or text someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  
  • Be more adventurous: step out of your comfort zone by experimenting with new food or trying a new workout.

Our New Year’s challenge for 2018 is much different than in the past. We challenge you to to acknowledge a handful of qualities you could improve on. Decide which aspects of your life need a little boost and be realistic with your choice. DO AT LEAST ONE ITEM A DAY! Once you begin to feel more fulfilled in that element of your life, pick another item. Repeat this process and hold yourself accountable by encouraging others to participate. Challenge accepted?

Remember, New Year’s resolution are not meant to hold you back, they are meant to push you forward.