Secrets to Success

The definition of success is: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Sounds simple right? But we all know it’s not that easy. Everyone’s journey to their own success is different and ever changing. 

To help inspire you, the Iron Butterfly Team shared how they make sure every day in the studio is a success for them and you! 

Sara Moran 

“When walking into the studio to teach a class, I always make sure to have a class prepared that I have recently practiced myself. It is extremely important for me to know what my clients are feeling during my classes. I want to make sure that I create a challenging but positive environment for my clients!”

Erin Toy

“My 3 secrets: 

– I want my clients to leave feeling an inch taller! If I can help restore their posture and undo all of the sitting we do all day, then I count that as a successful session!

– I want to teach my clients how to gain more control over their mind body connection! I feel this naturally reduces stress which we all need 🙂 

– I always want to find a balance of providing cues to motivate clients but also enough encouragement so clients leave feeling proud of their bodies.”

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Kelly Walker

“The secret to our success is that we see each and every client like family, we care about not only their Pilates practice, but their families and their lives”

Eva Debrun

“Being successful in choosing the right words and visuals to effect positive changes in the client’s body is very important to me. It has become even more important in this time of Covid and a more “ hands off “ approach. Communication is an integral element in my success with my clients.”

Joelle Herman

“ I would say my secret to success is my passion for Pilates and my passion to teach it! I make an effort to bring positive energy into the studio each time and meet the needs of each client (mental as well as physical)!  No session goes without deliberate thought and giving 100%.”

Kai Griffin

“How can I best connect and engage with my clients-Through movement? Nutrition? Accountability? General ass kicking? How can I best influence their day within our one hour session?” 

Katy Payne

“The secret to my success when entering the studio is:

Always have a plan with several modifications in mind.  Be able to laugh at yourself when things don’t go as planned.  Most of all have some fun!!!”

Lauren Skrabalak:

“When I walk in…these days, it’s a matter of health and safety on a level like never before. Hand washing, gathering props and making sure they are clean and sanitized as well. I then like to reference my schedule and mentally prepare for the evening of clients by either referencing notes I have taken from previous sessions, or plan a theme based on special requests/needs. Then it’s a test for myself to really be present, engaged and aware for each individual I see!

Elisabeth Bartzek:

“I like to envision myself actually doing the session with my clients, imagining how each movement would feel, and cueing in a way that guides them to notice their bodies adapting and growing stronger. My goal is to teach classes that make people want to keep exercising, committing to their Pilates practice as a lifelong habit.”

Lindsay Dufresne:

“When you love something and show it, the energy is infectious. I always bring a smile and enthusiastic attitude to my class that makes my clients do the same. That and a notepad, I never come to class without a plan!”

Kim Chapelle

“1- being fully present and listening to the client, to how they are feeling and what they want out of their session

2-forming a relationship with the client that allows for 100% trust

3- being flexible and able to change the session I had planned if someone comes in with an issue/rough day/not feeling 100%.

4- leaving my mood/issues at the door and being a positive energy/experience for that clients session.”


“Pilates really is for every body. Pilates should be meeting you where you are during that week, on that day, in that moment. No two days will ever look the same.”

While these suggestions are centered around successful pilates sessions, the passion, dedication, and positivity of the IBP family are all things that can help you accomplish any type of goal.